Ryan Taylor-Spirit Drummer

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"Spirit Drumming is like an organic compulsion to translate the emotional fact of being alive into sound, into rhythm and into something you can dance to. This excitement we feel, when we hear it, tells us that the door into other realms is opening" -Mickey Hart

Ryan Taylor, the "Spirit Drummer", is a rhythmic sound healer, master drummer and drum circle facilitator using the power of drumming to bring ecstatic celebration, enlightenment and pure open bliss to all that experience his music and powerful events. He's worked with numerous genres of spiritual and healing groups, calling in the positive forces with his dynamic rhythm making and uplifting presentations to bring about a shift in energy from negative to positive for individuals, groups and large events. Ryan's medicine music has taken him all over the world, drumming for indigenous spiritual and healing events, corporate events, workshops, performances and presentations just to name a few.

Ryan is part rocker mixed with high energy and BIG drumming! He brings his rock n roll energy fueled by his love of playing and sharing to every event. His drum circles are rock meets tribal, healing meets empowering and motivation. You'll have an Earth shaking experience when you join in his drum circles and other drumming events!

One of his modalities is using sound energy and the vibrating force of the drum to shake up and release the negative energy that has made itself comfortable in your field. That which no longer serves you will be removed with ease. Making room for the positive and abundance in your life! What if you could change your daily life by listening or playing along with some powerful motivation spirit drumming?

Ryan’s unique spiritual and rhythmic healing techniques has touched the lives of many around the world. His experience covers a fifteen year span in the study of numerous sacred rhythms which invoke healing energy in each one of us to come to the surface, as well as rhythms that have been used for centuries to call upon the healing energies of the universe and the Divine. Once you get into a groove with Ryan, your perception and outlook will surely change for the positive. “Thought manifests reality”. Ryan will show you how to gradually reconstruct your thought process about everything in your world, growing the positive healing in your life, connecting you to your inner purpose, community and the Divine within and without.