Ryan Taylor DRUM

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You are definitely going to move bodies, shift mindsets, and open hearts! And from that I wish you all the personal fulfillment you desire! Great work! It is inspiring to see what you've created, it's not easy and takes something to get out there and make it happen! Thank you for sharing the journey with me!!

Katie Troutman, Independent Entrapanuer- Dallas, TX

    I have been a drummer since the age of  10. Exploring all styles up through my adolescent years, joining many Rock and Club bands in my hometown of Dallas, TX. As with most musicians I found great joy in playing. A satisfaction in making people smile and feeling good.

After playing and experiencing several styles from around the world I knew there was something greater behind the drum. In 2004, I traveled to Haiti to study the indigenous drumming used for community and connection with Spirit. This hit me like a ton of bricks! My journey to the "truth" behind the drum had been opened. Rhythm and vibration as a means of communicating with the invisible forces of energy and nature. So my journeys of learning took me back to Haiti several times, Mexico, the Caribbean and other exciting places.

My blessed position in the world of Drumming has expanded over the years, along with creating magical music and rhythms either Solo or with a group, I now use the drums and rhythms to energize and heal. These techniques are a mixture of ancient teachings I've learned from various elders along with "Soul Inspired" rhythms and knowledge. The term soul inspired refers to improvisational rhythms that come to us based on the energy, environment or what we feel moved to express. 

My vision is to unlock the power and knowledge that resides in us all to help increase our awareness, raise our spiritual, mental and physical health and transform one's energy to a field of positive vibration. Unlocking our true self manifests abundance in our daily lives, and one of the powerful ways this can be done is by becoming one with rhythm and asking the vibrations to open the pathways for us while we lay down the rhythmic foundation. My playing has been occasionally called "Ecstatic", "Revolutionary" and "Empowering". I bring my love and passion of spirit and drumming with force to every event. My goal is to share my love, passion and knowledge with groups and individuals from all walks of life.

  My goal, my passion is to unlock these realms and dimensions with everyone I meet, sharing my passion and love of drumming. To have others feel what I feel when I play. To let our passion and desires come thru, to allow the positive to manifest and the negativity to respectfully slide away. Drumming is a very deep spiritual and metaphysical experience that can be felt by all who engage in it. I would love to bring my passion and sacred knowledge to you as we explore the power of the drum together.

"Ryan's rhythms are revolutionary, mesmerizing, trance enducive and powerful. His sound can be heard and recognized by anyone who's ever experienced a session with him."-Mia King from Atlanta, GA

"His playing is unique and divine!"- Andrew from Astoria, New York "Powerful rhythms, you sure got my attention!"

(In my own words).... All people should have that direct path to Source, God. In this universe, sound and vibration are the means by which prayer and intention are carried from sender to receiver. Hence why we sing, chant and drum to the Heavens. To show honor and to communicate our thanks and praise! Like the songs in the hymnals, the songs of the forgotten language in Africa or the lost mantras of the Sanskrit, drumming and the rhythms that vary also honor and reflect various Spirits, energies, magnetic or energetic fields. Whatever you choose to call it, rhythm and vibration are the key factors that create and drive our realms around us. This is why we hear so many different styles of drumming and rhythms worldwide. These styles are the indigenous peoples connection to their ancestors, and to the ancestors of the stars. These rhythms are messages, codes, stories, prayers, celebrations, requests, and invocations to the stars and our ancestors from the higher realms all the way back to Earth. These rhythms are individually connected to individual spirit and truth. One of the only true sources of connection to the divine, healing, reconstruction of our path, community, balance and love....is thru pure vibration. Our main drum, our heartbeat is that primal truth. I want to express and unlock these realms with all! I want to create rhythms that move all and reflect all, that resonates with all. My goal, is to share with all people that the truth is within us, we must get to our primal core in order to obtain this truth. Drumming has numerous studied medical benefits, but many overlook it's true and original purpose. To access the Divine within us and around us, to call upon the healing and blessing forces of nature, the Cosmos and the Heavens. Once accessing these aspects and the Universe and the Creator, only then can we begin to heal. Seek truth, seek love, seek peace.