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~Healing Drum Circles~

Indigenous cultures have been practicing community percussion for thousands of years. Now people all over the world are taking up drumming in astounding numbers. At a grass roots level, small community drum circles are springing up. While some drum circles are content to jam and make a lot of rhythmic noise, others prefer to explore shamanic drumming.

Shamanic drumming is a time-honored method of healing and helping others. Shamanic drum circles provide the opportunity for people of like mind to unite for the attainment of a shared objective. There is power in drumming alone, but that power recombines and multiplies on many simultaneous levels in a group of drummers. The drums draw individual energies together, unifying them into a consolidated force. Synchronized drumming is the most effective, so individuals should alternate the responsibility of setting the tempo and leading the group.

Jump Start drum circle
~Sacred Rhythms Drumming~

Over the last ten years I have been involved with drumming and rhythm making for numerous Sacred Spiritual and Energy Moving events. My medicine rhythms have lead me to many parts of the globe drumming for West African Fire Rituals, Ancestral Services (Mesa Blanca), Sevis Lwa (Haitian Vodou Ceremonies) and Native American Inipi (sweat lodge). I will definitely bring my "A" game when drumming for these events along with  knowledge and very high level of respect for the Spirit and the groups attending. I spent many years studying the rhythms of Spirit, their meaning and translated these patterns to a western way of interpretation making the origin less complex. I teach these beautiful healing and uplifting rhythms to many around the country. I also bring my music to an array of Sacred Spiritual Events. Whatever your event, concert, expo, spiritual, church service, indigenous, you name it, I will definitely bring rhythms that will move you! 

Spiritual drumming for an Afro-Caribbean Ancestral Bimbe (celebration) in Dallas. 

~Healing Drum Workshop~

This moving and powerful workshop is designed to help you find the drummer in you. The workshop will cover ...four steps in reaching the goal of realigning the body, mind and soul through the power of drumming and vibration.

These four steps are;

Group Introductions-break the ice in the group, share what your expectations of the class are.

Ecstatic Drumming-through ecstatic drumming we let the spirit of the drum take us into various rhythms. This creates a small community, assisting in creating an energy circle in preparation for the work about to be done.

Smudging-we then smudge the drum, participants and the sacred space we are in. Smudging removes, negative and stagnant energy, purifies the spirit and energy centers and opens the mind for clarity as well as raising your personal power to achieve your goals.

Group Intention-setting of the group's intention, or goal as to what you expect to accomplish.