Ryan Taylor DRUM

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Hand Drum Immersion with Ryan Taylor



Proper hand and posture/drum placement techniques

Trance rhythms from Haiti, Cuba, West Africa, Middle East.

Popular Rock Grooves for improv and creating jam sessions.

Sacred Healing Rhythms

Solos, fast finger and the Hand Flutter techniques*

The modern music we hear today, especially Rock, has its roots in these ancient rhythms


Special Performance by;

Ryan Taylor and Workshop Attendees

Drum Circle

6 hour course- locations coming soon

$100.00 per drum lover

In this class, we have put together for drum lovers, a program giving everyone a vantage starting point for playing the Hand Drum for both therapeutic means, and music making fun. Drum enthusiasts have the chance to explore and learn the Hand Drum as a tool for meditation, creating improvised rhythms either solo or in a group setting, as well as a medicinal device, connecting oneself to the sacred elements within us and throughout the world in which we live. The Hand Drum is also used as a vibrant, powerful force in music, creativity, improvisation, composition, self and proxy healing and achieving trance. The drum is a tool for creating a journey into the soul, and out into the world.

The Ancient Ones shared with us the rhythms and techniques of this beautiful instrument. So in honor of them, we must carry this rhythmic knowledge forward for generations to come. These are rhythmic ancient remedies for our present and future world.

We cover sacred healing rhythms from the depths of the indigenous world that have been brought into today’s modern drumming used for trance, present day music, Rock beats, jam sessions, drum circles or playing to heal the self or a group. We’ll cover ancient and modern/progressive techniques and flashy tricks used in hand drumming for those drum lovers wanting to step up their rhythm making and take it to the next level. At the conclusion, you’ll be mastering the Hand Drum to compose your own, melodies, Rock beats, Trance rhythms, pop, soul and funk grooves, along with healing the Body, Mind and Soul.