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Sacred Spirit Hand Drum Immersion Classes with Ryan Taylor



Proper hand and posture/drum placement techniques

Trance rhythms from Haiti, Cuba, West Africa, Middle East.

Popular Rock Grooves for improv and creating jam sessions.

Sacred Healing Rhythms

Solos, fast finger and the Hand Flutter techniques*

The modern music we hear today, especially Rock, has its roots in these ancient rhythms


Special Drum Ceremony/Performance/Trance Dance included

Drum Circle

5 hour course

$100.00 per participant

Contact for Dallas location

**Venues outside the Dallas area can schedule this powerful workshop for $100.00 per hour. 70/30 split for entry fees raised above the total $500.00 workshop venue cost.**

In this class, we have put together for drum lovers, a program giving everyone a vantage starting point for playing the Hand Drum for both therapeutic means, and music making fun. Drum enthusiasts have the chance to explore and learn the Hand Drum as a tool for meditation, creating improvised rhythms either solo or in a group setting, as well as a medicinal device, connecting oneself to the sacred elements within us and throughout the world in which we live. The Hand Drum is also used as a vibrant, powerful force in music, creativity, improvisation, composition, self and proxy healing and achieving trance. The drum is a tool for creating a journey into the soul, and out into the world.

The Ancient Ones shared with us the rhythms and techniques of this beautiful instrument. So in honor of them, we must carry this rhythmic knowledge forward for generations to come. These are rhythmic ancient remedies for our present and future world.

We cover sacred healing rhythms from the depths of the indigenous world that have been brought into today’s modern drumming used for trance, present day music, Rock beats, jam sessions, drum circles or playing to heal the self or a group. We’ll cover ancient and modern/progressive techniques and flashy tricks used in hand drumming for those drum lovers wanting to step up their rhythm making and take it to the next level. At the conclusion, you’ll be mastering the Hand Drum to compose your own, melodies, Rock beats, Trance rhythms, pop, soul and funk grooves, along with healing the Body, Mind and Soul.

Get empowered, release and create connection to self, community and the Divine at a Spirit Hand Drumming workshop. Sign up today in the Dallas area or book one for your group in your location!


This is a step by step break down of Modern Hand Drumming, fused with ancient healing rhythms and techniques. In this intensive, you'll get one on one lessons that you can access anytime, anywhere. We'll break down everything from correct drum holding, proper posture, hand placement on the drum, all the way to fast blazing solos and the infamous finger flutter technique.

If the drum is calling you, listen....

Are you looking for a new progressive style of playing?

Wanting to take your drumming to a new level?

Looking to learn fun, healing and spiritually connecting rhythms that originate from the ancient beats all the way to modern rock and new funky, sultry grooves?

Well here it is!

The Modern Hand Drumming Intensive is now ready for you to try at home at anytime, anywhere! We'll cover rhythms that were given to us from generations long before to funky and new age, solid beats used in todays current music. Now you can use these beats at your next drum circle, at home when playing solo, to achieve deep meditation, connect to oneness, or to improve your freestyle improv.

The Beginners series is complete. Will be putting together the Intermediate and Advanced Series in the next couple weeks. This is a great way to either learn Modern Hand Drumming as a beginner if the drum has been calling you, or if you've been playing a while all the way to pro level yet you're stuck in your rhythm making and want to up your game.


Let's get your Drum on!

Each series is priced at $150.00

All three (3) series; Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced is priced at $375.00

With each series you'll get 1 on 1 private lessons available anytime, anywhere for life!

You'll also receive two (2) bonus music tracks per series, buy all three and get six (6) tracks AND your very own custom composed song JUST FOR YOU!!!!

If you've been feeling the pull to the drums, or know someone who has-

If you're already a hand drummer, drum circle attendee or facilitator and you're looking for some new rhythms to get you out of your rhythmic rut-

Perhaps you know someone who could truly benefit from this series-

This would be a great gift idea for yourself or the drum lover in your life.

The drum has brought me out of some many "downs" in life and I can't strongly express enough how much this could benefit. I highly encourage you to begin this rhythmic and joyful healing journey. I am beyond thrilled to share this series with you!

Sample Video from Rhythms of the Rainbow Fire

Rhythms of the Rainbow Fire online package now available! In this program we'll cover tutorials on each Chakra rhythm, allowing you to achieve connection with each one of our energy "sockets". Each video will be accompanied by amazing bowl tracks dedicated to each Chakra. This is a package I truly hope you'll have an interest in getting for yourself, loved ones or class you may be teaching. With each video, you have the liberties of playing along, or relaxing and enjoying the melodic/rhythmic compositions of these powerful healing beats designed to activate each chakra thru the placement of the drum tones.

You'll get a summarized intro video to each rhythm, then the play along version with the background Tibetan singing bowl to accompany the drum journey. Each video will vary in energy and in speed, increasing and decreasing. Take your time and relax and simply listen along, allowing your intentional meditation on each Chakra to become a guided rhythmic experience assisting you in achieving an even deeper connection to self.

If you've ever wanted to drum journey with your Chakras but didn't know where to start, or if you've been taking or teaching classes on the Chakras and how to apply drumming and sound, this is a great package to get you started on that path.

Grab a copy of this online series for a one time purchase and download and you'll have access to these videos anytime, anywhere, for life. I think you'll truly create a stronger connection with this video set.

Great for you or a friend, loved ones or class material.

$125.00 value plus 8.25% sales tax