Ryan Taylor DRUM

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In Ancient Africa and what is now Haiti and the Dominican Republic, drums were and still are the healing tool for individuals and community. The congregation would form a circle and play various healing rhythms with positive intentions for individual and group needs. Participants would take turns sitting in the center where the group would send the rhythms of focus thus creating a vortex of sound that was then carried to the Divine. The healing effects were long lasting and empowering. Listen to your heart and come drum with us!

There's healing in drumming?

Why yes, yes there is!

Here's how it works;


The Drum has been used for thousands of years all over the world to connect the people with Spirit, Universal Forces, Nature, Energy and ultimately the Divine within and around us. The Drum is very highly revered in many indigenous cultures. In Haiti for example they teach, "After God comes the Spirit, after Spirit comes the Drum." Many ancient teachings tell us that the thousands of rhythms from all over the world is the sound of God hammering out the Universe. This is a universe of sound and vibration. Each of the forces of nature energy or Spirit has its own associated drum rhythm. When played, that force appears and puts it's task to a workforce for the goodness of mankind. 


Drumming opens both frontal lobes of the brain creating a sense of calmness, relaxation and manifesting a creative state. Meditation can be achieved through various drum practices and techniques as it puts the mind into Theta state, where the mind reaches ultimate closeness to ASC (Altered States of Consciousness) allowing free form waves of information in and out of the mental state. Drumming also fires up the cognitive ques in the lower cerebral lobes where memory is stored allowing our memory and response time to increase.


Our bodies are made up of extremely tiny vibrating drums (cells) that keep our physical body strong and vibrant. Occasionally our cells can run out of steam or at times they can receive improper vibrations from the energy around us, causing them to slow down and vibrate out of alignment. As a result, we begin to feel a variety of unpleasantness in our physical body. The drum forces the cells to break down and then re boot themselves. How? The vibration of the drum forces the cells to vibrate in unison when you play or are simply around vibration, thus making all the cells vibrate as one giant rhythmic pulse which strengthens them where they can begin to repair the bodies ailments.