Ryan Taylor-Spirit Drummer

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Modern, New Age, Progressive tracks from Ryan Taylor
1) Mambo Redd
2) Escape from Krakatoa
3) Kongo et Petro
4) Calling
5) 96th and Allisonville

My music is geared to pick you up and help you when you're feeling stuck. How many times have you felt like you're in a rut? Like you just can't shake that energy that holds you down? Sometimes you wanna hear something more authentic than the typical mainstream blah that's all over media airwaves.

The rhythms I create are meant to be healing, uplifting, spiritually connecting and create deep thought provocation, it's my own blend of Conscious Music. Drumming gets us in tune; "The sound of the drum is the tuning of the Soul!"-Malidoma Some

We connect to the Divine and pure bliss when we surround ourselves with healing rhythms. The experiences are truly indescribable and must be felt first hand. Enjoy these tracks anytime you want to connect or need a boost. You can purchase the entire CD's by contacting me at anytime.

I have been involved with numerous musical groups and projects through out his drumming journey. All of which have been a blast.

The most recent groups have been;

WindSong Movement

WindSong Movement began as a song and grew into an intentional art collective which aims to amplify healing for the planet by eliminating inner-oppression through the expression of our art.
Our mission is to serve as a reflection; no one is homeless when the Earth is our home, and every hungry soul deserves to be fed.
WindSong Movement consists of multitudes of co-expressive pieces of live music & visual art. Definitely a sight to be seen and heard! 


The Bhakti House Band
Led by Texas mantra musicians Randall and Kristin Brooks, the Bhakti House Band presents an East-meets-West fusion of percussion-driven instrumentation and rich harmonies that enlighten the soul. Combining Sanskrit mantra and kirtan with inspirational English lyrics, the Bhakti House Band creates a sacred space where listeners can surrender their minds to the rhythmic groove of the heart.


Studio and Live work

I am also available for recording sessions and live performances. I have worked with many Dallas, Chicago and New York area musicians creating heart pounding, moving music. I bring my professional "A" game, am easy to work with and fun to play with and will help create the masterpiece you're looking to unleash. I bring all hand and world percussion instruments to your session. Drum kits are typically provided by the studio in house. My world percussion kit consists of 4 Djembes, 2 Congas, 2 Talking Drums, 2 Frame drums, shakers, bells and other assorted noise makers.

Studio sessions are $150 per day (8 hours). Anything over 8 hours is $60.00 per hour.

Live sessions are negotiable

I also provide tight percussion and drum work for dance studios and dance academies. I've worked with two of the top dance academies in the Midwest. In 2008-2011 I provided drumming for the classes of Jordan Dance Academy at Butler University under Roberta Wong and drummed for numerous performances with Dance Kaleidoscope under David Choy both in Indianapolis, IN as well as hosted several drum workshops for the Indy Convergence in Indianapolis and Chicago. Fees are $40.00 per hour.