Ryan Taylor DRUM

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Modern, New Age, Progressive tracks from Ryan Taylor
Tracks from the CD; Shifted Stare
1) Mambo Redd
2) Escape from Krakatoa
3) Kongo et Petro
4) Calling
5) 96th and Allisonville
Tracks from the CD; Cosmic Travel Lodge
6) Get Ready!
7) Wachonga Planet Funk
8) Brazil on Elm
9) Journey to Shambhala
10) Celebration

My music is geared to pick you up and help you when you're feeling stuck. How many times have you felt like you're in a rut? Like you just can't shake that energy that holds you down? Sometimes you wanna hear something more authentic than the typical mainstream blah that's all over media airwaves.

The rhythms I create are meant to be healing, uplifting, spiritually connecting and create deep thought provocation, it's my own blend of Conscious Music. Drumming gets us in tune; "The sound of the drum is the tuning of the Soul!"-Malidoma Some

We connect to the Divine and pure bliss when we surround ourselves with healing rhythms. The experiences are truly indescribable and must be felt first hand. Enjoy these tracks anytime you want to connect or need a boost.
Get Ready!
Ryan Taylor (Cosmic Travel Lodge)
Wachonga Planet Funk
Ryan Taylor (Cosmic Travel Lodge)
Brazil on Elm
Ryan Taylor (Cosmic Travel Lodge)
Journey to Shambhala
Ryan Taylor (Cosmic Travel Lodge)
Celebration Back Line Drum Track
Ryan Taylor (CTL)

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