Ryan Taylor DRUM

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Visuals of some great drumming events

  • An exciting evening at a DrumSong event in Fort Worth, TX
  • The group feeling the groove at DrumSong
  • Feeling the vibe at DrumSong
  • Everyone of all ages loves a DrumSong event
  • Drums and the beach! What a day!
  • Joining the amazing Bhakti House Band in Dallas, TX
  • Learning from the Master in beautiful Haiti
    Learning those Haitian spirit rhythms from the Master in Port au Prince
  • After an intense Fire Ritual in Indianapolis
  • Headlining the festival in Louisville, KY
    Headlining in Louisville, KY
  • Setting the tempo at a trance dance event
  • Headlining in Chicago
  • Drumming at the Rainbow Festival
  • Drumming at the Rainbow Festival
  • Performing with the amazing Sonia from Belly Dance Super Stars
  • Sacred Healing Drum workshop in Michigan
  • Rocking the Mystic Mandala in Plano, TX
  • Setting up for DrumSong in Fort Worth
  • Fire Ritual in Atlanta
  • Mainstage in Chicago
    Headlining in Chicago