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New Rhythm New You

Are you a practitioner, healer, teacher or student looking for a new modality of healing and connecting to self and community?

Looking for a new way to integrate rhythm and music into your health and wellness practice?

Perhaps you have a strong calling to learn the Drum as a means of healing, or you simply want to explore a deeper rhythmic connection to Sacred Oneness?

Then you're at the right place. Let's talk. 

I've put together a program I think you will benefit from and thoroughly enjoy called Hand Drumming/Sacred Drumming Intensive.

In this class, we have put together for drum lovers, a program giving everyone a vantage starting point for playing the Hand Drum for both therapeutic means, and music making fun. Drum enthusiasts have the chance to explore and learn the Hand Drum as a tool for meditation, creating improvised rhythms either solo or in a group setting, as well as a medicinal device, connecting oneself to the sacred elements within us and throughout the world in which we live. The Hand Drum is also used as a vibrant, powerful force in music, creativity, improvisation, composition, self and proxy healing and achieving trance. The drum is a tool for creating a journey into the soul, and out into the world.

The Ancient Ones shared with us the rhythms and techniques of this beautiful instrument. So in honor of them, we must carry this rhythmic knowledge forward for generations to come. These are rhythmic ancient remedies for our present and future world.

We cover sacred healing rhythms from the depths of the indigenous world that have been brought into today’s modern drumming used for trance, present day music, Rock beats, jam sessions, drum circles or playing to heal the self or a group. We’ll cover ancient and modern/progressive techniques and flashy tricks used in hand drumming for those drum lovers wanting to step up their rhythm making and take it to the next level. At the conclusion, you’ll be mastering the Hand Drum to compose your own, melodies, Rock beats, Trance rhythms, pop, soul and funk grooves, along with healing the Body, Mind and Soul.

We also cover the means of using the drum for sacred ceremony, connecting to self oneness and community, and getting in touch with the elements and energy around us.

As a practitioner, you'll learn step by step how to reach deeper into your energy field and integrate rhythm as a tool for meditation. As a teacher, you'll learn how to use this modality with your clients and students.

We inherently absorb negative energy patterns both thru birth and as we travel thru life, thus creating many blocks and obstacles that hinder us from becoming who the Divine has intended us to be. Let's begin working with the drum as a tool to gracefully remove that negativity and create the US!


Day one; we'll cover the basics of Hand-Sacred Drumming, exploring the different sounds and languages these amazing instruments create. Learning a few easy to use self help rhythms that you can use daily to assist in achieving the goals you aim to reach.

We will explore the Sacred aspects of these rhythms, their history and their sacred connection to the Divine and us individually. Then we'll put these rhythms to use for a small intimate drumming ceremony.

Day two; we go a little further into the rhythms and songs used in the indigenous world for specifically healing mind, body and soul. We'll each get the chance to be drummed over, practicing and demonstrating how sound and vibration remove negativity, making room for the positive we desire.

A special performance by myself and a few willing participants from the group which will set the stage for an amazing healing drum circle to close our weekend together!

By creating a new rhythm, you create a new you! Our rhythm creates our story. We can change our story with a simple change in our rhythm.

Venue rate for this workshop is $150.00 per hour for 6 hours.

Attendants entry fees are;

$135 for both days

$75 for one day

email; spirit.drummer@yahoo.com or ryanta1972@yahoo.com for more information.

Let's bring this powerful workshop to your area!

"It rocked my world! And shook up my Brain so much that I now have vertigo!! Doing lots of grounding to help it all settle down and integrate!"  ~Cindy, Granbury, TX

"I had such an amazing weekend beyond my expectations!", "I am amazed to see that during my first drumming on day 1, after I caught onto the first rhythm, I started to alternate my base hands just as in the Fire!! and I'm a Fire! Didn't fully believe it till now, but I will embrace it!"  ~Vira, Granbury, TX

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DrumSong! A Primal, Tribal Dance and Song of Awakening!

Are you feeling the urge to sing, raise your voice, dance and move in a joyful celebration?

 Let's share an enchanted and intimate evening of music, song, & dance! This evening's event will showcase live ecstatic drumming with Afro-Caribbean influenced songs and dances of celebration. A drumsong, call and response interactive night. We can't help but dance and celebrate this joyous occasion once the drums kick in and the enthusiasm and ecstatic energy raises out of our sacred voices. This is a kirtan style event with an Afro-Caribbean twist. You'll love it and the energy will definitely raise out of you!

In Haiti, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad Tobago, Brazil and many other Latin American and Afro-Caribbean countries, their Ancestors brought over many beautiful African based spiritualties, ideologies and stories of where they came from and the stories of the Stars, Heavens, Great Spirits and the Creator. The songs rang over the deserts, hills and waters and touched the hearts of many nations to call upon the divination from the Beyond. 
 We'll start with a brief definition of the songs to the Afro-Caribbean Deities and explanation of their individual divine love. How singing and celebrating in honor of the Deities raises their and our vibration, solidifying a connection to them and increasing our inner awareness. The drums pound and call the energy out of us to call us to respond in movement and song! 

Venue rate for DrumSong is $250 per hour, 2 hour minimum (price includes all instruments/altar setting and items/candles/song lyric sheets/ set up and tear down/ instructionals)

Entrance fee for attendees;

$45.00 in advance

$55.00 day of


ryanta1972@yahoo.com for booking